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Pretty in Pink Angels of Care, LLC

"Caring Hearts with a Healing Hand, Right at Home"

CPR Classes Now Offered!

Providing You with Health Care at Home.



Pretty in Pink Angels of Care, LLC exists to make a positive difference in the lives of clients with an unsurpassed level of compassion, high-quality, home health care with a dedicated, caring, and highly skilled staff.




With our dedicated and passionate care team of professionals, Pretty in Pink Angels of Care, LLC will be an influential home health care company that achieves the highest standard and is a vital part of the continuum of care within the communities we serve.  We will give a full range of in-home healthcare services, specializing highly in complex cares.  Our company will focus on employee excellence through ongoing and thorough education, and attain exceptional customer satisfaction by carefully matching a caregiver expertise with a client need, while maintaining a culture of compassion and companion to produce high quality outcomes.




Pretty in Pink Angels of Care, LLC and all of our employees commit to demonstrating the following values in all our behaviors with our clients, families, caregivers, physicians, hospitals and payer sources, each other, and the communities that we serve.


We are committed to:


  1. Visionary Growth and Innovation seeking best patient outcomes, being creative to ensure long-term financial strengths through our organization.

  2. Solving problems and developing best practices by valuing Synergy.

  3. Empowerment with Accountability allowing appropriate measures for decision making.

  4. We believe all people are their best when provided People Development and Encouragement that allows them to make decisions with appropriate measures to track progress.

  5. Giving Extraordinary Care to all clients while creating a relationship that Pretty in Pink Angels of Care can identify as his/her Home Healthcare agency for any and/or every need.

  6. We want to be Transparent in all our areas such that all staff members and clients can endure an open work environment with staff to staff and client to staff relationship.

Pretty in Pink Angels of Care, LLC provides these non-medical supervised services to the patient at home:

Personal Care:


  • Bathing: shower, bed bath, sponge bath, or tub

  • Grooming: dressing, shaving and personal appearance

  • Oral Care:  oral hygiene, dentures, and teeth

  • Skin care and prevention of skin breakdowns

  • Nail Care: clean and file

  • Assistance with mobility: wheelchair, walker, cane

  • Exercise, accompany on walks and physical activities

  • Shampoo/Condition, comb and brush hair

  • Transfer to and from bed, toilet, chair, and/or car

  • Repositioning and body alignment

  • Medication Reminders

  • Range of Motion exercises

  • Accompanying to social appointments and activities

  • Preparation of nutritious meals

  • Observe,  report, and document client status

  • Assistance with eating, fluids, feeding and proper nutrition

  •  RN supervision and home assessment every 90 Days

Companion Care Service: can be included in personal care depending on the degree of personal care required for the client safety and comfort.

Companion Care:


  • Light housekeeping, vacuum, change of linens, dusting, keeping clients bathroom clean and sanitized, floor care, client laundry, making of client bed.

  • Care of house plants

  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation, kitchen clean up

  • Assistance with organization, cabinets, closets, calendar, photos, coupons, mail

  • Empty trash and set out for pick up

  • Assistance with pets

  • Good conversation, listening, and companionship

  • Stand by assistance for safety

  • Transportation with client to/from appointments, errands, out to lunch, visits with friends, special events, shopping

  • Special activities, games, craft, reading, correspondence, projects

  • *Many more at clients request

Better Care Starts with You!
I would recommend Pretty in Pink Angels to anyone. Very professional, and warm hearted (difficult combination to find) I've had the administrator and another caregiver w/the company in my home taking care of our 93 yr old godmother with Alzhiemers and she loves them! I've worked with other companies and always termintated the services after a week or so. I've now worked with Pretty in Pink Angels for a year, they are always willing to go the extra mile, even stay later when needed. Infact when I was giving birth to my daughter last month, Pretty in Pink Angels made last minute accomidations to stay longer hours to ensure coverage during my hospital stay! My family and I are very thankful and would highly recommend them to anyone!
                                                               Yvette L.
                                                              Woodstock, GA.
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